The Editors

Daniel Starza Smith (Ph.D. University College London) is Lecturer in Early Modern English Literature (1500–1700) at King’s College London. His work focuses on the textual circulation of Donne’s writing, and his publications include John Donne and the Conway Papers (2014), commentary for the Verse Letters volume of the Donne Variorum (2019), the circulation of Donne’s Satyres (in Manuscript Miscellanies in Early Modern England, co-edited with Joshua Eckhardt, 2014), and a recent study of a newly discovered manuscript of Donne’s Catalogus Librorum. He has also published on Donne’s books, his eldest son, and his friends, including Sir Henry Goodere and Rowland Woodward. With Jana Dambrogio he studies the history of letterlocking, an epistolary security technique used by Donne among many others. He became general editor of The Letters of John Donne in 2019.
Lara M. Crowley (Ph.D., University of Maryland) is Associate Professor of English at Northern Illinois University. She is the author of Manuscript Matters: Reading John Donne's Poetry and Prose in Early Modern England (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2018). In addition, she has written various articles and book chapters on early modern literature and manuscript studies. Essays on Donne include the chapter on “Archival Research” in The Oxford Handbook of John Donne, eds. Jeanne Shami, Dennis Flynn, and M. Thomas Hester (2011).
Donald R. Dickson (Ph.D., University of Illinois) is professor of English at Texas A&M University. He is the author of The Tessera of Antilia: Utopian Brotherhoods & Secret Societies in the Early Seventeenth Century (1998) and The Fountain of Living Waters: The Typology of the Waters of Life in Herbert, Vaughan, and Traherne (1987) and a number of articles on seventeenth-century literature. He is editor of John Donne’s Poetry (2007), Thomas and Rebecca Vaughan's Aqua Vitæ: Non Vitis: Or, The radical Humiditie of Nature: Mechanically, and Magically dissected By the Conduct of Fire, and Ferment (2001), and, with Alan Rudrum and Robert Wilcher, The Works of Henry Vaughan (2018). He serves on a number of editorial boards, edits Seventeenth‑Century News, and is a textual editor for the Donne letters.
Dennis Flynn (Ph.D., Columbia University) in 2010 retired from the Bentley University Department of English and Media Studies in order to work full time on the OUP Donne letters edition. His recent publications include: The Oxford Handbook of John Donne, ed. with Jeanne M. Shami and M. Thomas Hester (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011); The Holy Sonnets, Volume 7.1 of The Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne, ed. with Gary A. Stringer et al. (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2005); and John Donne's Marriage Letters in the Folger Shakespeare Library, ed. with M. Thomas Hester and Robert Parker Sorlien (Washington DC: The Folger Shakespeare Library, 2005). He was general editor of the Oxford edition of The Letters of John Donne (2010-2019).
M. Thomas Hester † (Ph.D., Univ. of Florida) was Alumni Distinguished Professor of English Literature at North Carolina State University. The founding editor and continuing editor of the John Donne Journal [1982--], and Co-Founder of the John Donne Society [1984-], he is author of eleven books, fifty-six published academic articles, and has made over 150 presentations at various universities and conferences in the US and overseas. His recent publications include The Oxford Handbook of John Donne [co-edited with Dennis Flynn and Jeanne Shami, 2011] and A Close Reading of John Donne’s Epigrams (2016). In addition to his books and essays on John Donne, he published essays on Jonson, Herbert, Sidney, Vaughan, Milton, Marvell, Chaucer, Shakespeare, and a short book and translation of Justus Lipsius' Epistolica Institutio. He was general editor of the Oxford edition of The Letters of John Donne (2006-2010).
Anne James (Ph.D., University of Alberta) is a sessional instructor at the University of Regina. Her research interests include literature related to the Gunpowder Plot, John Donne, and early modern sermons. She has an essay on William Barlow’s sermons on the occasions of the Essex Rebellion and the Gunpowder Plot forthcoming in Paul’s Cross and the Culture of Persuasion in England, 1520-1640.
Margaret Maurer (Ph.D., Cornell University) is the William Henry Crawshaw Professor of Literature at Colgate University. Her work on Donne includes essays on Donne’s letters in prose and verse and on his other occasional poetry. She is a contributor to the Oxford Handbook of Donne Studies (eds. J. Shami, M. Thomas Hester, and D. Flynn). She has also published essays on Ben Jonson, Samuel Daniel, and Shakespeare’s plays, including an edition, with Barry Gaines, of Three Shrew Plays (the anonymous Taming of a Shrew, Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shew in the form it takes in the First Folio, and John Fletcher’s The Woman’s Prize, or The Taming Tamed.
Jeanne Shami (Ph.D., University of Toronto) is Professor Emerita at the University of Regina where she taught for 35 years. She has written extensively on John Donne's sermons, including a facsimile edition of John Donne's 1622 Gunpowder Plot sermon (1996) and a study of Donne's Jacobean sermons (John Donne and Conformity in Crisis in the Late Jacobean Pulpit, 2003). She is the editor (with Tom Hester and Dennis Flynn) of The Oxford Handbook of John Donne (2011), the executive editor of the Verse Letters volume of the Donne Variorum edition, and a consulting editor (Sermons and Politics) for the Oxford Donne Sermons edition. Her current research is on Women and Sermons (a subject she mapped in her essay in The Oxford Handbook to the Early Modern Sermon, 2011). She is currently working on a designing and launching a database of manuscript sermons, a digital finding aid for scholars using sermons in their research.
Ernest W. Sullivan, II (Ph.D., UCLA) is the Edwards S. Diggs Endowed Chair in English at Virginia Tech. Past President of the John Donne Society, a Senior Editor of the Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne, and General Textual Editor of the University of Delaware Collected Works of Abraham Cowley, he has edited or authored Biathanatos by John Donne, The First and Second Dalhousie Manuscripts, The Harmony of the Muses, The Influence of John Donne, Puzzles in Paper, Conrad’s Lord Jim, and Lord Jim, A Tale.